This has been an intense year for us working with Search Engine Optimization, at least if I look at what we have been doing at our office. And it seems like it’s only going to grow looking at 2015 according to new data released by LinkedIn just recently.

They analyzed over 330 million profiles to get a grasp of what was in demand in 2014, and it’s very surprising and fun to see that SEO ranked top 5 globally. A lot of other skills related to web and Internet ranked pretty well too, and this is really not to a big surprise since a lot of people on LinkedIn are tech savvy.

Another fun part is that Statistical Analysis and Data Mining actually ranked as number 1. And since I do a bit of both, SEO and Analysis, I’m pretty optimistic to 2015.

This is what LinkedIn is saying about the SEM and SEO rakning so high under 2014.

Interestingly, another quite popular profession on the list is marketing. The focus this year was on SEO/SEM specialists, campaign managers and digital marketers – it sounds like companies are focusing on improving the performance of their efforts and focusing on digital innovation.

Have a look at the full report here.

So, what’s in the loop for 2015?

I think we all can say that this is going to be an even more intense year than 2014 in many ways. A lot of companies out there have started focusing more and more on SEO during 2014 and I expect that it will only increase in 2015.

A fun part looking at this data is that when LinkedIn did a similar report last year – Social Media Managers and their likes – ranked very well. They are not even on the chart now.

Could this be due to companies realizing that sustainable profit comes from Search and not Social?