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Will AI-content rank on Google?

Working in the SEO-industry, this is a common question from not only colleagues, but also from clients and friends. Creating content with AI is something that a lot of people are experimenting with right now. And the the question if the content will rank or not on Google is a fair one.

Yes, AI-content will rank on Google. In this post I’ll walk you through some of the pros and cons of creating content with AI.

The focus on this particular post is looking at creating content for your website. There are tons more opportunities for creating content with AI, which I’ll dive into in an upcoming post.

What does Google say about AI content?

Before we look more into if it’s actually working on not, let’s check up on what Google is saying about using AI-generated content.

At Google, we’ve long believed in the power of AI to transform the ability to deliver helpful information. In this post, we’ll share more about how AI-generated content fits into our long-standing approach to show helpful content to people on Search.

In summary, their article can be summarized into the following topics.

  • Google’s ranking systems reward original, high-quality content that meets criteria of expertise, experience, authoritativeness, and trustworthiness (E-E-A-T).
  • Automating search results in an attempt to manipulate rankings is a violation of Google’s spam policies.
  • AI generation can be used to create helpful content such as sports scores or weather forecasts.
  • Content creators should create original, people-first content demonstrating qualities E-E-A-T to achieve success in Google Search.

This might of course change in the future, but people have been spinning content in different ways for a very long time in order to try to rank on Google. While AI content is a bit different, it’s still very much possible to get some quality content out there with the help from AI.

So, does AI generated content really rank?

The short answer to this question is: Yes, absolutely!

This is an example from one of my newer test sites, where large part of the actual content is made by AI. The trend is upward and I’m currently focusing on creating more content for the site on an (almost) daily basis as of the last couple of weeks.

This is a snapshot from Ahrefs, where it also pretty clearly shows when I started investing some time in actually creating content for the site. The site in particular only as a DR of 6, but has been able to acquire a few decent links pointing to it recently which helps too of course.

I make sure to do some proper keyword research before I start writing any kind of posts and Ahrefs is my natural go-to tool for that.

Like the rest of the world, I use ChatGPT in my processes as well, but I mainly prompt it to get an article outline that suits my needs. When I do have the outline for the actual article I’m about to write, I turn to my old friend Jasper AI in order to get the bulk of the content generated.

I still find Jasper and all their templates really speed up everything I do when it comes to content generation. I also find it easier to steer Jasper in a way to get content that suits me and my audience better when looking at the tone of voice I aim for.

Knowing that this site is relatively new with a low Domain Rating (DR6), it is starting to compete with some of the more established domains in my niche.

But it’s not just having the content in place, there’s much more to it of course. And making sure that you do some good keyword research before you start writing is crucial.

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