Most of us always rely on Google when it comes to translating bits and pieces of text, and one would assume that they had pretty solid knowledge on the different languages by now.

But sometimes, even Google fails.

I had to setup a brand new Google Account and had to do a quick keyword analysis for some terms for a client. The account name is with a Swedish email ending in .se and my information states that I’m a Swede as well. But since they wanted me to enter my credit card information (which I didn’t have at the time), I just closed the tab and logged in to another account where everything was already set up. Spent an hour or so doing research and didn’t think more about it.

The screenshot above is the third I’m getting from Google as a reminder that I should continue with my setup and that Marta is the specialist that can help me do it.

Google knows:

  • It is a Swedish email ending in .se
  • My contact information states I’m a Swede

They actually get the Swedish phone number correct, 020 – 140 43 35, and the get the currency correct, kr (SEK).

My mind is still trying to wrap itself around the fact that they send me the email in Polish.