I used to live behind my camera. I also used to publish a lot of my images online, but something happened a few years ago. I think that I had too many projects spinning both professionally and personally so something had to take the hit.

Looking back, I spent a lot less time behind the camera, even though I’ve always been taking photos where ever I go. Just not as many.

Some years ago I sold my entire camera kit, which included a full frame DSLR and a variety of lenses. I was able to survive without a camera for about a year until the cravings hit me like a truck at full speed.

1/60s @ f/8 (Leica Q)

I was looking for a camera that would require me to think before I shot and bought a rangefinder Leica M.

That was a bit too slow for me, but I really loved that piece of gear.

Sold the Leica M and bought a Leica Q, which is what I’m running as a main camera today.

It’s time to load the batteries and make some photos again.