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AI Art Gallery

This is my collection of AI-generated art created with some different AI image generators. All images you are seeing on this page have been created with either Jasper Art, Midjourney or Stable Diffusion.

I’m experimenting with all three of them a lot.


AI-generated images still have some issues with creating very realistic faces in my opinion. But they are great at creating a great starting point you can enhance a bit yourself. All portraits below have been created with Jasper Ar or Midjourney, and some have been enhanced with either the Neural Filters AI available in Photoshop or Baseten photo restoration app with GFP-GAN.

Cuban man, as imagined by an AI image generator
Woman with blonde wavy hair with bokeh in the background. Created with AI from Jasper Art and Photoshop Neural Filters.
Portrait of a young woman
Portrait och a rock star
Young Asian man in the city
Portrait of a young woman with red hair


Most images here are of cities, often with a gloomy look, since that is something I personally enjoy. Images like this are perfect for inspiration for things like game design, your next adventure with Dungeon & Dragons, or just as an epic backgrop in your next Zoom-meeting.

Gloomy city in ruins, created with Jasper AI Art.
Gloomy city in ruins, created with Jasper AI Art.
Gloomy dungeon, created with Jasper AI Art.
Ariel view of a ruined old city on fire, created with the help of Jasper AI.

Interior Design

I often need images of interiors and it’s really easy to create the mood you are after with the help of AI. In these examples I’ve used prompts such as minimalistic, vintage, and bright in combinations with attributes in different colors.

Interior with a minimalistic design. White walls, large windows and orange details.
Vintage room with large windows. Red and brown details, with a flower on the table.
Kids room as imagined by AI.


Fantasy art made with AI. These are all conceptual and more often than not an AI that is more creative in its interpretations.

Beholder from Dungeons and Dragons, as imagined by AI.
A radiant, eternal acorn in an ocean of bokeh, as visualized by an AI.

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