Daniel Carlbom

Hey, welcome to my domain.

Learn how to make the most out of your site with these helpful tips from Daniel Carlbom. He has been working with Search Engine Optimization and Google Analytics for international clients as well as your local brick and mortar store. He fell in love with Google Tag Manager and bringing order to the data collection, the rest is history.

On these pages, Daniel will share what he knows, so that you can bring balance to the Force.. err.. your data.

Happy Analyzing!

Daniel is currently CEO for his own company Omnidig based in Stockholm, Sweden where he does everything from crunching numbers, SEO and implements GTM high and low for a wide variety of clients.

He is also very fond of lecturing, and regularly speaks about GA, GTM or SEO in front of students at numerous institutions in Stockholm as well as tailored workshops for companies wanting to dive deeper into these areas.