Install Facebook Pixel through Google Tag Manager

Adding the Facebook Pixel through Google Tag Manager

For many companies, social traffic is very important. And there is one behemoth in the playground; Facebook. There are some great ways to use a Facebook Pixel in order to start measure conversions and optimize adverts you’re running on the platform. Not only that, the pixel allows you to create audiences for remarketing as well. That opens up for a really good targeting on Facebook for your audiences.

In order to start using the pixel you’ll have to create it using the Ads Manager.

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Why use Google Analytics

Why you should use Google Analytics?

Many of us working in the industry know the importance of why you should track and measure the visitors engaging with your site. It’s in our core. We know the value.

This article is for all you people out there questioning why you should use Google Analytics on your business site or blog.

What are the pros and cons, what should you expect in terms of what you need to do as well as expected outcome.

First of all, I have to state that there are options to using Google Analytics, such as Adobe Analytics or Webtrends for businesses or simpler trackers such as Piwik or Open Web Analytics outlined by Contently.

I could go on for days (well, almost) talking about why, but if I had to boil it down to one answer, and one only it’d had to be:

Without knowledge about your performance, you have no idea on where to improve. Plus, it’s free!

That last part is a very important factor too. Looking at other web analytics tools as a business you might be in for a yearly fee reaching more than tens of thousands of dollars every year. Yes, even Google Analytics comes in a paid version for those of you that have a lot of traffic to your site and need that little extra. Expect to cough up an additional $150,000/year for Google Analytics Premium then. Yikes, that’s a lot. But needed for a lot of major companies out there.

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