Mall of Scandinavia – Did you forget your site?

On the 12th of November 2015, the biggest Mall in Sweden will open up; Mall of Scandinavia. Just some 20 minutes walk from where I live. I had a look at their site today because I wanted to see if they had any information about stores and such, so that I knew before hand what to expect if I would go there.

Oh my, I shouldn’t.

This is a project that started back in 2008 (more than 7 years ago) and with an expected cost of somewhere in the range between 4 billion SEK ($460m) up to 5,8 billion SEK ($670m) depending on what source you’re looking at. One would expect that during these years someone would have thought something in the lines of “We need to invest some money into our digital presence as well, make it just as good as the mall itself!


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