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Mall of Scandinavia, we need to talk about your SEO

It’s been a while since I bashed the Mall of Scandinavia website. When working in the SEO industry I come across a variety of odd implementations and ‘bad habits’ now and then, but nothing comes close to the abuse that this – the largest mall in northern Europe – has to endure.

I’m glad to see that they actually got their act together and started using some kind of tracking on their site. Turns out to be Google Analytics, which doesn’t really come as a big surprise.

It seems like the implementation is being done in France, due to the comment they left behind in the analytics tracking code on the site

(window,document,”script”,”//”,”ga”); ga(“create”, “UA-27904582-3”); // Remplacer par l’identifiant de votre propriété ID.

I’m so eager to find out who’s behind all this…

The thing is, I’m living close to the mall so me and my family tend to go there quite often. Once in a while we need to check up things before we go, like “do ‘this particular brand’ have a store there?“, which is just what happened this weekend.

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Mall of Scandinavia – Did you forget your site?

On the 12th of November 2015, the biggest Mall in Sweden will open up; Mall of Scandinavia. Just some 20 minutes walk from where I live. I had a look at their site today because I wanted to see if they had any information about stores and such, so that I knew before hand what to expect if I would go there.

Oh my, I shouldn’t.

This is a project that started back in 2008 (more than 7 years ago) and with an expected cost of somewhere in the range between 4 billion SEK ($460m) up to 5,8 billion SEK ($670m) depending on what source you’re looking at. One would expect that during these years someone would have thought something in the lines of “We need to invest some money into our digital presence as well, make it just as good as the mall itself!


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Even Google fails


Most of us always rely on Google when it comes to translating bits and pieces of text, and one would assume that they had pretty solid knowledge on the different languages by now.

But sometimes, even Google fails.

I had to setup a brand new Google Account and had to do a quick keyword analysis for some terms for a client. The account name is with a Swedish email ending in .se and my information states that I’m a Swede as well. But since they wanted me to enter my credit card information (which I didn’t have at the time), I just closed the tab and logged in to another account where everything was already set up. Spent an hour or so doing research and didn’t think more about it.

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Are you working in SEO? Congratulations!

This has been an intense year for us working with Search Engine Optimization, at least if I look at what we have been doing at our office. And it seems like it’s only going to grow looking at 2015 according to new data released by LinkedIn just recently.

They analyzed over 330 million profiles to get a grasp of what was in demand in 2014, and it’s very surprising and fun to see that SEO ranked top 5 globally. A lot of other skills related to web and Internet ranked pretty well too, and this is really not to a big surprise since a lot of people on LinkedIn are tech savvy.

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